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Land & Development Services

Ram-Land utilizes the company’s 75+ years of experience to understand all of the pre-development work that needs to be undertaken before construction can begin.  

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Our extensive knowledge and expertise empower us to manage and navigate all aspects of the pre-development process including:

Strategic planning & market research

Financial analysis & feasibility

Manage Municipal & other regulatory entitlements

Architectural and Engineering design coordination

Project accounting and financial reporting

Site evaluation, pre-acquisition due diligence & feasibility

Sourcing capital for acquisition, servicing and construction

Contracting and management of servicing infrastructure

Facilitate construction procurement

Pre-Development planning 

Surveyors equipment (theodolite or total positioning station) on the construction site of

When you combine all this with our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, you can be confident that you’re laying the foundation for a highly successful project.

Member of The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD)

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